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recreational noise exposure and its effects

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Recreational noise exposure and its effects on ... - Informa Healthcare
Recreational noise exposure and its effects on the hearing of adolescents. Part II: Development of hearing disorders. Exposición a ruido recreativo y sus efectos .

Recreational noise exposure and its effects on ... - Informa Healthcare
Recreational noise exposure and its effects on the hearing of adolescents. Part I: An interdisciplinary long-term study. Exposicio´ n a ruido recreativo y sus .

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Review: recreational noise exposure and its effects

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Recreational Noise and Its Potential Risk to Hearing | May 2010 ...
High peak sound levels (impulse or impact sound) should be no more than 120- 138 dB peak sound level . Music as a Source of Recreational Noise Exposure .

Review: recreational noise exposure and its effects

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Risk of Damage to Hearing from Personal Listening Devices in ...
recreational noise that can also induce hearing loss. Although there are many . and many studies have raised concern over their effects on hearing. It has been . sensitively detect the risk of damage from noise exposure early. The main .

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